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As an author, you want to retain as much control over your books as possible, and at Fideli Publishing we understand. We offer ebook formatting and account setup that allows authors complete control and guarantees that all money earned by their books is paid directly to them!

Publishing your book as an ebook means it can gain new life and become available to audiences worldwide.

FIdeli ebooks are available on these e-retailers' sites:

• Amazon Kindle

• Apple iPad ebook store

• Barnes & Noble Nook store

• Smashwords.com

• Baker & Taylor's Axis360

• Sony's ebook store

• Dieselebooks.com

• Kobo.com

Working with Authors to Create GREAT Books! We give you complete control and all the money, too!
Make your book available in both printed and ebook formats to reach all possible audiences.  PRINTED BOOK + EBOOK  ONLY $695
Make your book available in both printed and ebook formats to reach all possible audiences.  PRINTED BOOK + EBOOK  ONLY $695


Ebooks are an opportunity for authors to expand the audience for their books.  The world is changing and ebooks are a part of the transforming nature of human connectedness that was not available to us years ago, and I want  my books available in that world.  Sam Oliver Author of Mondays with Mary, Angel of Promise and Angel Marie (all as print and ebooks)

Fideli Publishing has successfully published hundreds of ebooks. Join the ranks of satisfied Fideli clients now and make your book available to the world. To learn more, click here or contact Keila or Robin at Fideli today @ 1-888-343-3542.

I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am that I went with Fideli. My book is getting out to more people more easily than before. I know the book is helping people with their father issues. And of course, it's lovely to have the additional income.  Gratitude and blessings to you both, Jane Drew Author of   Where Were You When I Needed You, Dad? - A Guide for Healing Your Father Wound
If you're looking for a friendly publisher you can trust, Fideli is  that company. Their ebook conversion service was seamless and easy, and their advice was good. I've done all of my ebooks with them and will be sending them my new one when it's finished!  Charles Stewart Author of The Clock, Terrorist Within, Chronicles of Navigator-Earth Again,  and Chronicles of Navigator-The Homecoming (all ebooks)

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