Midolescence: Handling the Twenty-Six-Year-Old Teenager

A must read for parents of pre-teens, teenagersand adult children.

It is a diff erent world we live in today. No parent or child is adequately prepared to deal with this day and age.

Just over a century ago our families traveled in horseless carriages. If you wanted to talk to someone you had to actually meet with them. And while today we talk on cell phones while satellites orbit overhead, we have yet to figure a way to meet our life sustaining, emotional need for intimacy, particularly within our family. In an easy to understand and simple format, Chapman shows parents how to keep or recapture their relationship with their children, regardless of their age. He teaches the reader the difference between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in a simple format that will change your life. He helps the reader to understand themselves and thus how to pass this skill onto their children.

Handling the Twenty-Six-Year Old Teenager also addresses today’s new problem of kids living at home far past the time when they should grow up and move out. The reader will learn responsible and shame-free methods of motivating their adult child to move out of the house and into their adult lives.Above all, this book will teach anyone how to deal with their feelings.